It’s Time

It’s time.
Like the snake changing its molting,
We too must free ourselves of that we have outgrown today.
Maybe it’s time to change mask.
To change role.
To change attitude.
To change home.
To change country.
To change job.
To change the way we see ourselves.
To change the words which we use to describe ourselves.
To be.
It’s time.

– Tanya Gervasi

(Photo edit @WTFOG on instagram – Original photo Adolfo Valente)


On Love

I will never write about Love.

For when I did

I believed I could capture

Something so uncapturable.

I thought I understood

Something so unexplainable.

When words stay fixed

And are subject to interpretation

While Love is mutable, because alive

Yet fixed

But in the opposite way to words.

I will never write about Love.

For today I don’t know what it is

It is not what I thought it was

What I heard wispered in my ear

Unnumbered times

I wish I never pronounced Its name.

I will never write about Love.

For all definitions

All the teachings

Don’t match with today

And make me question my yesterdays.

I will never write about Love.

For it’s the only thing

We shall not write about

But live

And tell no one

So everyone can be caught by surprise

By a whirlwind

By a smell

By a word

By a coffee

By a kiss.

And know.

Still unable to name it.