Planting Seeds For The Future


I began this blog during a time when I was planning to open an NGO named Planting Seeds For The Future. My brother offered to help me setting it up and we got so close to do it (only a signature away literally) but at last I backed up because I realised it was madness to do yet another thing all alone. I simply thought it wasn’t the right time. However… the blog was born.

The first year of blogging served me as an experimental terrain, I needed to understand what exactly I want to do with it and what exactly I want to write about. Although this is a personal space and ran by me solely, I decided to open up to collaborations and to write about the small realities which in my opinion are truly planting the seeds for the future: of children, of women, of the planet, of humankind. 

So on this website you can find:
– my personal thoughts about life
– interviews to people who are changing the rules and challenging the norm
– guest-writers
– focus on small organisations and their work
– travel tips
– sustainable fashion brands, food etc

Please get in touch if you feel like collaborating, or if you think there’s room for a project together.

All the best,