Planting Seeds For The Future

What is this blog?… What is the goal?… What seeds am I talking about?

Two years ago I had a vision, or lucid dream, or intuition, about starting an organisation and calling it exactly Planting Seeds For The Future. That organisation’s aim would that of awakening mass consciousness and also giving children the right instruments to keep their hearts and minds open while growing up. I wrote the name PSFTF on a white piece of paper and kept it all this time with me, occasionally looking at it and dreaming more.
This blog is the beginning of what I have in mind, it is a way for me to open up first and to begin doing things my way (even when they don’t seem to have a logic).

Throughout the years I have never managed to keep a blog, I started many times and never managed to keep going. Why? Because honestly it was never me 100%. Usually blogs have themes: I could’ve become a food blogger or fashion blogger or travel blogger but never all three and more. I always had someone by my side who knew what was better, what would work… and ironically it was never me. In order to work, “to be successful” and have many readers I’d have to mould myself and make myself smaller or turn into a character people could recognise. I did make myself smaller than what I am, and funny enough: that didn’t work either. So this time I just said why not try to just be?

I believe we come into this world complete, whole, pure light! Children are angels and the more I work with them the more I learn, it is not me teaching them something… what I do is bring out what they already ARE. There are places in the world where children are deprived of imagination, of play time, of fun, of love(!!!), of culture and those are the places I wish to go to with my organisation. Because when you give those children wings to fly with their hearts and their minds, when you show them they can choose and be whatever they came here to be no matter where they are right now…. then I know a better world is possible. Those are the seeds I have the mission to plant. Seeds of love, of imagination, of empathy, of joy.

I believe everyone of us, no matter what they have lived in their childhood… somewhere along his/her path have crossed a person, an animal, or even a plant that has planted the good seeds in that fertile but forgotten land. But nobody except us can water them and make them germinate, grow and give fruits. Many times we are just not aware, seeds are planted without our conscious permission. Just like good seeds there are also bad ones and OH LORD today we face an epidemic of pests/weeds. They spread out quicker because they feed off of our wounds.

In this blog I’d like to share pieces and bits of my inner world, it’s a way for me to take care of the good seeds that have been planted in my heart in these 30 years on Planet Earth. It is also a way to add some light to the internet world which I don’t find too beneficial but instead of fighting it I chose to embrace it and do some good. I also want to share stories about people I meet who throughout their art, work, or just simple being spread the good seeds in the world. Lately I’ve been inspired more and more by the human beings who cross my path and to all I am profoundly grateful.

It’s a work in progress… it’s the beginning and I am happy to share with you the baby steps I take.