Venting Out

Perhaps it’s not a bad thing that I cannot change my train to catch one earlier… perhaps it’s positive that I have 2 hours in the station for myself. Perhaps, it’s time I sit down and write a bit. And this post is just for myself, you know when you’ve been keeping too much inside and although you know what you need to say (or write) it’s all way too much and the first thing you feel like doing is: scream!! This is like a scream! This is me just shouting in the woods 🙂 By the way, have you ever tried doing that? I was never a person who screams until … I did it. Months ago I went with my backpack (you can find some pictures on my instagram account btw) for a walk, an unplanned walk… it wasn’t like Santiago, this time I didn’t have a map, nor had I looked at the area: the only things certain were my departure and arrival places – and in fact I got lost the first day walking 15km more and getting back to where I was supposed to be stopping the first day, as if life told me “hey easy easy… don’t rush, don’t skip…”. So I didn’t skip anymore and I bonded with two women with whom I shared a whole week. I left alone, as I do uhm always and I had an urge to be alone and be far far away from everything and everyone… yet, meeting them made my trip a trip I will forever remember. But why did I end up talking about this? Mmmm… Oh yes because when I think of me screaming in a forest, I remember that trip. I had gotten to a point I had to release emotions and crying was not enough. After I screamed the first time I surprisingly felt better 🙂 Also realised how many times we feel “uneasy” but don’t know what to do about it nor we are able to recognise what is it that we’re feeling. Well, there are emotions that we need to get out of the system! We must! In order to feel good again. You know how many of us release emotions? By yelling at someone else, by calling a friend just to pour a bag of our shit into her/his head (without wanting to really talk), by beating up someone, by talking bad about someone…. and the list can go on. Though what happens inside of us, what we feel is nobody’s business but ours and we should learn to let all those uncomfortable emotions out in a safe place alone, or in the presence of somebody prepared to take your garbage and help you. And we all have that “friend” who is like a garbage can for our emotions, don’t we? … I did.
But why a forest?… Well, if you have a sea or ocean nearby that will do the work too. Why? Because Nature is there for us. I found out that only trees could keep standing while I screamed; only trees could stand up tall and support me while my strength was fading and I had to get on my knees. Water can support you the same way, It transmutes your feelings and gives you back calmness. When I was in Lausanne, I was teaching children that when they feel overwhelmed by emotions such as anger or sadness… instead of becoming violent towards another child, they should go up to a tree, hug it and give it to the tree. They did it, and still do it… This is because sometimes humans cannot take all emotions from other humans no matter how much they love you, simply because we all have our lives packed and nowadays the world demands a lot from each one of us. It’s important to learn to take care of our emotions, to find our own ways.

Many times, I don’t have a forest nor the sea where to release stress. All I’m left with is writing. Or just sitting on the roof at night watching the stars.

I wrote bits of poetry some weeks ago. I wrote bits on my diary. It’s not enough. I am so happy about all that I’m doing that I just do it without planning my moves nor had I had it all imagined when I started it… No. In fact, what I feel is that it all went unexpectedly smooth and now I need to catch up 🙂 It went smooth because I did not plan it, nor I had fixed ideas about anything… it all unfolded and surprised me and I literally couldn’t ask for better things to happen.
Tomorrow morning I have meetings with an elementary teacher to co-create workshops about plastic pollution, then I have a meeting with a two high-school classes and will also meet four girls who volunteered to help me with this project about straws. Theeeeen I will meet with a wonderful woman who runs creative workshops about how to re-use what we usually consider trash.. and after that, I can relax and get a massage 😀 ahahahahahahahhahahahahaha Yes I should also write down a guideline of this project as there are people from other parts of Italy asking me how to do it there where they live. And I’m happy and excited and just tired 🙂 But I will get it done. Speaking of getting it done…. Enough venting out 😛


Last night I went to the cinema to watch “Tulip Fever”, was good but not that good as I was alone watching it lol

Some Thoughts on Turtles

Turtles are one of the most antique creatures we still have on the planet. They have survived everything until now because of their outstanding resilience. Sadly they find it difficult to survive plastic pollution and our current fishing methods!

The Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto has a “Hospital” for turtles I had the pleasure to visit (it’s open to the public every day from 3pm till 4pm) and get an explanation about the problems these turtles face. The major cause of sickness, and the main reason for them being in a hospital, is men-caused! There are men who heal them from the damage inflicted by other men, this is how I see it.

Deep-sea bottom trawling is a major cause of harm and death of Sea Turtles!!

I have never really thought about turtles, and in general… while I do feel love and respect for all the creatures walking (and swimming) on Mother Earth, I have never been touched the way I have by turtles the moment I entered their hospital. I had never even saw a turtle that big in real life! A warm feeling pervaded my being. To see them suffering because either hit by a propeller which damaged their carapace or because they have ingested plastic bags exchanging them for jelly fish or because they accidentally found themselves entangled in the fishing nets is something so unfair, so brutal, so wrong!

The idea that turtles have survived everyone until the advent of the modern human should make you think.

How much time does it take for a turtle to heal?… a fracture may take up to 2 years for example, because their times are slower and longer. So imagine this turtle must stay in the tub all that time, imagine her double sufferance.

I write about this and yet I wonder what difference would it make to you reader if you have never seen a turtle. If you live in the mountains, what difference does it make for you whether there are turtles or not in the sea? Perhaps this is the problem. The fact that because I don’t live in Afrika, I don’t live close to the elephants so the “Save the Elephants” campaign doesn’t affect me. Elephants are not my problem. Turtles are not my problem. Tigers are not my problem! I live in the city: wild animals are not my problem! …. Do you see THE PROBLEM now? Humans have detached from their humanity which is what keeps us connected to the planet, to Mother Earth, to animals and to the plants. So unless something affects directly my wellbeing I will look the other way, perhaps I might show sympathy to those fighting for a natural cause.
I generalise, I know not everyone (Thank God) is detached from its humanity, and these people are waking up the humanity in others ❤
The thing is… we need to start to care about everything and everyone. Why? Because everyone contributes to life, every little creature, every mineral, every person, every tree, every flower adds beauty, talents, gifts, experience and more to the life on Planet Earth.

You know, a couple days before the Plastic X Coffee Campaign launch and the visit to the turtles’ hospital I went to the beach in the early morning, just as usual. The unusual was having 4 kids with me, the sons and daughters of my friends who had to work and I thought it would be nice for the children to spend the morning at the beach. We were walking from the bar toward the tower (torre=tower) and when we got to the specific beach where I loved spending my mornings… I saw a baby turtle!! The children were amazed and excited, I suddenly worried for her life. Luckily there were park rangers driving by and I told Davide to run tell them about the turtle we found. They took it with them. All morning I was worried about whether I have or not done the right thing, there is a part of me that believes nature is perfect and in the wilderness only the toughest survives. So what if, I wondered, by helping that turtle we made her weak? What if we had to leave her to her own destiny? What if I could’ve just thrown her into the sea to help her enter?… Long story short, the next day I see a post on the instagram page of @torreguaceto where they write about this baby turtle: this was not a sea turtle but a swamp turtle!! Had I thrown it into the water or left it there on the sea shore, it would’ve died dehydrated. The Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto has swamps where the Emys Orbicularis turtles live (I shared a video of the baby turtle on my instagram account). I was relieved to find out she would survive. I was happy to have helped. Ironically, there were other people who passed next to it before we did but nobody noticed this little cuteness.

I realised that until the moment I entered in the turtles’ hospital I didn’t care enough about them. But now, after having felt their suffering, how can I turn away? How can I pretend it’s ok what they’re facing? Once I get touched by something or someone it stays in me forever. What can I do? What can you do? Allow yourself to be touched by life, and be prepared to be changed.

Turtles are the symbol of Earth in many native cultures. Turtle energy is grounding. Turtles are necessary for life.

It makes a difference to see wild animals in zoos and in their natural habitat. In zoos they are less real, it’s like a show has been put up for you. But when you see a wild animal in its home, its real home, it is breath taking. Suddenly you are reminded we share the planet with creatures just as majestic as the humans.
I think what hit me was the thought that they shouldn’t be here, they should be in the sea, free and healthy! One had her carapace a bit broken, another has only one lung left, another one ingested plastic and a smaller one had plastic/nylon nets around her neck and feet! When a turtle feels sick she floats and stops eating.
Once the turtle is healed… it gets released into the sea and that moment is indescribable. Which is what happened on Sunday ❤




The Beginning of Plastic X Coffee

Where to begin if not with a WOW 😀
I am still amazed and lack words to describe this past week. It’s been beautiful and powerful and it made me realise how something apparently so small has a big impact and big echo. As a matter of fact, we got National TV coverage!!!! Which helped spread the word about the importance of keeping clean our marine world, this campaign is just one example of many projects around the world.

Plastic X Coffee is a community project with a potential to become world spread. I’ve got flooded with messages and texts of people living in the area of the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto telling me they always collect plastic during their walks. Also, people from other sides of the world told me they do clean up always and would love to find ways to raise awareness among other members of the community.

A sense of community is what is needed nowadays. We must understand how important is the space where we live: many communities taking care of their peace of land succeed in having a whole world clean and happy.
I have always dreamt to save the world and I have always wanted to come up with an idea for the entire world. Now I know, that in order to change the world we all must start cleaning our homes. For me Torre Guaceto is home ❤  And if you also do something in your home, for your area; if each one of us takes this responsibility back, then the world will change! I guarantee the world will be saved! The Natives knew this… Each Native Tribe took care of its forests, waters, lands, animals, people… and the whole world was a healthy place!

No matter what some people say, change is possible and begins here (where you are) and now!

Gratitude is such a powerful energy. Now I know. Plastic X Coffee is about that. Is a Thank You for helping everyone keep our/your local area clean. And everyone can do what he/she can. What I mean is: you can be the person collecting a bag of plastic and getting the coffee, or you can be the one buying the coffees without necessarily collecting the plastic (because we are all different, and you might just wanna relax on the beach and tan… still you feel grateful to those who keep that beach clean), or you can be both. Everyone is needed, everyone is necessary. I say this because some may feel obliged to spend money or collecting, though the best for everyone is that you do what comes from your heart ❤ On Sunday morning, when I got to the bar of the Reserve a coffee producer, Antonio Doria (Caffè Borbone), gifted 1kg of coffee (that makes 130 coffees!!!) because he believes in the campaign and is very sensitive to the ecological issues of the Natural Reserve. Later came my brother Francesco and bought 20 more coffees!! I know he is not the kind who will go collect plastic on purpose, but he is the guy who won’t leave his trash behind and will collect something nearby if he sees it. That is more than enough 🙂


Wild Thing… Ohh

How do you love a wild thing?

Ragu is a wild cat, although he “belongs” to my neighbour. Since I’m staying in my house in South Italy he comes every day, the first days he just demanded food with a loud loud voice and wouldn’t let anyone touch him. So my mom, her friend Larisa and I gave him food. We even bought sausages at the supermarket to have something ready to give him whenever he would come. He’d come for breakfast, lunch and dinner having understood that we do feed him. I was not ok with him coming at every hour of the day (actually when we were home, he knew and would come by) so I told him “no Ragu, I’ll feed you this evening… come back then”. He would leave and come later while we were having dinner.

How do you love a wild thing?

That’s what I thought one evening watching him eat, trying to cuddle him but again he wouldn’t let me. He just wasn’t that type of animal. I began seeing his life as a kitten before my eyes and I understood: he doesn’t need me. So how do I love you? How do I love you if I can’t cuddle you nor touch you? … These questions looped in my head, until my heart answered:

You love by letting him be this wild thing you don’t understand, because you don’t need to understand. You love by leaving him the freedom, without trying to possess him… without trying to change him into something you need! It’s your need to cuddle him, not his. You love by trying to understand his needs and be honest with you in questioning yourself if you can accomodate his needs. If not just let be. Just love. Just be.

I let him be. I didn’t impose him my cuddles, and he just comes during the day and sleeps. He doesn’t ask for anything. He knows he is welcome. He knows there is plenty of love energy for him. He can leave whenever, come whenever. He is not owned. I owe him nothing. Ultimate beautiful freedom. Unconditional Love.
I couldn’t but wonder about love between humans. And I wondered how many times have I loved the wrong way? Too much possession from my side, I just wanted that man all to myself. But if he was so wonderful, wouldn’t I want to share him with the world so that everyone and everything can be touched by his uniqueness, loveliness, beauty and positivity?… I also ended up always in a cage, built firstly by myself. Ideally, romantic love and jealousy are so tempting because that’s all you watch in movies, read in books and listen in pop songs. But it’s consuming, and ends up being frustrating this kind of relationship we wrongly call love. Now I know.
Ultimately I am a bit like Ragu. We all are like Ragu.


I am in the area of Torre Guaceto in Puglia, South Italy. A natural reserve, so stated. From the parking to the tower (torre=tower) is a rough 5 km of sandy beaches… it’s a walk I do every morning to keep in shape and to give my mind peace. However, the first three days I didn’t manage to go past the first couple kms because I began picking up one plastic bottle after another, then fishnets and plastic bags floating in the sea and plastic cups and just about anything I would find. I ended up spending an hour cleaning one beach and then I got too tired and hot to walk. On the third day it seemed the sea had vomited even more polluted materials onto the seashore for me to collect, I was so overwhelmed I began sobbing silently. I wasn’t the only person on the beach but I was the only person stopping to collect garbage and I got angry and felt even ridiculous both for cleaning up and crying. I felt alone.
Two men screamed at me that it shouldn’t be me doing the job but people paid to do it. I didn’t reply as I was too occupied fishing plastic bags I wasn’t able to ignore. I thought later about what he said and realised this was exactly the reason why I was the only one collecting trash! I see it as my responsibility, even if it wasn’t me throwing it now on the beach, even if I throw my plastic bottle in the trash bin… it’s my responsibility because I still use plastic, and even if I didn’t use plastic I would still be responsible for keeping our Planet/home clean. We pollute because there is someone else who will clean up, isn’t it so? We pollute because we are ignorant, and we ignore how much harm we are doing to ourselves. We pollute because we are so detached from Mother Nature we don’t hear her cry and suffering, she’s asking for help and we turn the other way. Well, I cried because something in me heard the sea and I felt its pain, its frustration.

We consider ourselves such intelligent creatures but we have used our intelligence and gifts in a self destructive way. I mean: with all the natural materials that can be used, plastic had to be invented! – I thought to myself. I also wondered who and when invented plastic, here’s what I found briefly:

The history of plastic dates back to 1862, when Alexander Parkes demonstrated Parkesine, his man-made plastic derived from organic cellulose, at the Great International Exhibition in London, England. Parkesine could be heated and molded into objects that would retain their shape when cooled. … Other advances in plastics followed, using various other organic substances. It wasn’t until 1907, however, that the first fully-synthetic, commercially-successful plastic was invented by Leo Hendrik Baekeland. …. The invention of plastics opened up a whole new world of possibilities for manufacturing. From automobile parts and telephones to jewelry and kitchenware, plastics took the world by storm. ”  ( SOURCE )

Basically, even if you wanted to give up plastic entirely… you can’t! But you can reduce the daily use of it. 100 years after the invention of synthetic plastic humans are waking up to the damage it has made. Somewhere, perhaps exactly on the Great Pacific garbage patch, there is your plastic bag, your old phone, your old bottle or the plastic cups/forks/plates you used for that picnic years ago… this is why we’re all responsible. Even if we did change our habits today, we need to clean up the mess we (directly or indirectly) participated in creating.

It’s an exciting time and also a positive one. We are in the middle of a huge planetarian chaos!! We are called to tap into our creativity to rethink and reimagine a healthy beautiful and clean future. And also a loving one 🙂

P.S. Oh and you know something wonderful happened on day 4: I walked all the way!! The beaches were extremely clean (only a few things here and there)… I was smiling in joy! On day 5 I walked with a kid all the way and saw a woman collecting stuff during her walk, and my mom began picking up little bits she’d see in the water! … I believe in a clean planet ❤

I am…

I AM the whore you’d wish to fuck,
I AM the mother of your children,
I AM the lover you long for
and the fiancé you want to become your wife.

I AM the storm
and the calm surrender.
I AM the hurricane in your dreams
and the dark forest you never enter.

I AM an animal,
I AM the Holy Priestess.
I AM the Oracle
and I AM the beggar.

I AM the most luminous light
and the darkest darkness.
I AM the flesh
and the smell of sex.
I AM the open arms
in your times of need.

I AM your sister
and I AM your daughter.
I AM the sage grandmother
I AM the nurturing woman.


(Tanya Gervasi, written 26.07.2018)