Natural Body Scrub

Hello Beautiful Online World! Today I feel like sharing something for your skin πŸ™‚ A natural body scrub with only two ingredients that EVERYONE has at home.... HONEY + COFFEE = Beautiful, Clean, Hydrated Skin Honey is a powerful antibacterial and aids the protection of the skin against pollution. It's also very hydrating and nourishing,… Continue reading Natural Body Scrub

Body: Art of Illusion

Today I woke up and decided to write about something very important to me. I've been seeing for a while my fellow model-girlfriends starting up a revolution about bodies and the idea of beauty that's been ferociously put into women's minds. I never thought to come out talking about this because I simply love doing… Continue reading Body: Art of Illusion

What is Sustainable?

Lately, after the plastic campaigns I have launched, I began to question myself about the word "sustainability". And what exactly means being sustainable? I observed people and myself and found interesting how many times we care so much about one thing (lets say for example about not using plastic bottles anymore) and then we forget… Continue reading What is Sustainable?