Please make yourself comfortable…. 🙂

My name is Tanya Gervasi.
I wrote, deleted and rewrote infinite times this biography. Sometimes I made it descriptive, other times I copy-pasted my cv. Yet it was always lacking “me”, it’s very hard to speak of one-self isn’t it?
Perhaps because my biography changes with the seasons, with every moon phase… today certain things about me matter, in a month perhaps those things are not relevant anymore so why leave them written here?

I’m a woman who lives Life, and who reflects upon life.
At times this second quality of mine makes me feel a little bit alien, or I may be perceived as asocial when there are hardly more interesting things to do than read books 😉 oK Ok… besides books, I love hiking and backpacking; dancing; working as a model; smoking cuban cigars and drinking good rum; reunions with my girlfriends; making magic; writing; watching documentaries; babysitting and teaching yoga to children; daydreaming; having sex and masturbating; wandering around; making plans I hardly follow; laughing; walking under the pouring rain; spending an entire day in bed just fantasising; travelling; swimming in the sea; horseback riding; and that’s just a few things (my favourite ones I’d say)…

My favourite mood is melancholy.
Something so addictive, very few people manage to find where I go when I embrace that mood…. so they come and get me for I could just live there forever and get nothing done (besides writing). Still it’s a companion, an orange sweet companion of reflections and questions and little certainty.
At times I manage to escape in another mood, I call Merlin – where I laugh at everything and view the world and life as a gamer we all ought to play and everyone is responsible for him/herself. We would all need more Merlin in our lives, especially today where it seems that there is so little to be happy for and laugh !! 😀

And for now I’ve said quite a lot about me… the rest you’ll find out reading me!

Just for the sake of it, know:

I graduated at the University of Gastronomic Sciences with an ethnobotanical field research thesis on  Wild Herbs and Vegetables in the Traditional Cuisine of Belarus, supervised by the famous ethnobotanist Andrea Pieroni.
I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NY) to become a certified health coach.
I studied acting at Susan Batson Studio in New York.
I did a course on eating disorders at the number one centre in Italy ABA (Milan), founded by Fabiola Leclerc (famous author).
I … published my first book Della Bellezza e Del Silenzio, poetry.