There is two, and they are opposite. Yet one could not exist without the other. One lives in a world of her own inside. The other lives in your world. They have been at war for a while, each wanting to takeover the world of the other…. each believing she is right, she is the one, she needs to rule. At last, on the dawn of my 32nd birthday I came to realise that each just needs her own space. I know when one is not satisfied then she will sabotage the other. So what to do?
The key was really to sit down and get honest with myself. Instead of running away, or trying to change, I recognised the life of these two wonderful women living inside me. No 🙂 I am not psycho… I feel we all have multiple “personas” or multiple aspects to our self, and more times than not they are very different and want different things. We all try to survive and get by and not show people what struggle it is to start and finish a day sometimes. Or we just “fake it until we make it”. After trying all those things, the one thing that works is to admit to myself I am someone complex and that perhaps it’s good to get to know these two “personas” in me that make me… befriend them, and understand how to make both work so that I have a great life and not a miserable one. To understand where each comes from… and where is heading.

My name is Tanya Gervasi and on the outside:

I graduated at the University of Gastronomic Sciences with an ethnobotanical field research thesis on  Wild Herbs and Vegetables in the Traditional Cuisine of Belarus, supervised by the famous ethnobotanist Andrea Pieroni.
I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NY) to become a certified health coach.
I studied acting at Susan Batson Studio in New York.
I did a course on eating disorders at the number one centre in Italy ABA (Milan), founded by Fabiola Leclerc (famous author).
I … published my first book Della Bellezza e Del Silenzio, poetry.

I can teach yoga to children for I studied with Calm For Kids in London – and I did that for a bit in Lausanne and Milan… what a blast!!

What I am best known for is being a model. I have been modelling for 20 years – in Milan, London and New York.

On the inside…. this blog is an exploration of that world.