My name is Tanya Gervasi and I am… a human being.

Since a young age I remember I dreamt of helping people, especially children. I remember I was saying that when I grow up I will open an orphanage. Today that dream is a vision, I know it will happen … but in the meantime I am planting the seeds!
Throughout the years I have done so many different things that I have a hard time to answer the question: what do you do? So here is a schematic view of what I did…

Linguistic highschool in Italy -> I can speak fluently Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and basic German.
Graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy -> This makes me a gastronome.
Studies at the School for Integrative Nutrition of New York -> I am a certified Health Coach!
Trained by Calm For Kids  in London -> I am a certified kids-yoga teacher .
Studied at the ABA Centre in Milan -> This centre forms experts in the Eating Disorders’ field.
Trained at the Susan Batson Studio in New York -> I am an actress.
CURRENTLY am enrolled in the first of three years course on Italian Shamanism and Holistic Healing.

Here is a list of jobs I did besides MODELLING (which remains my main job till today)…
bartending and waitressing in restaurants in Milan,Turin, London, New York; writing for online magazines such as and; Selling at farmers’ markets in Milan and New York; co-organising a Gastronomic Summer Camp for kids in Romania with Marta Pozsonyi of Slow Food Turda ; babysitting in New York, Austria, London; teaching yoga to children in Lausanne and Milan (in French and in Italian); Marketing and managing social media for food producers in Italy; storytelling; and acting of course.

I lived in Minsk, Turin, Milan, Istanbul, New York, London, and Lausanne. I feel at home in nature, while cities for me are always places of passage.
Currently I am based in Italy.

It can be slightly confusing reading all the above to get an idea of what kind of person I am. Well, thing is that I am madly in Love with life and also it’s in my nature to follow my interests and my heart.
I believe one of the aims in life is to share not only our gifts/talents but also who we are. I have battled with myself over sharing who I am firstly because I realised I don’t know who I am, I am going through a discovery process; secondly, because I was scared people wouldn’t like me nor be interested in what I have to say or show. I have after all chosen a profession where expressing thoughts is not a quality for earning money ahah. So in the years I observed and studied and read a lot arriving to a point where I just want to share it all! Regardless of whether I will be liked or rejected. It is a huge step forward and a pure act of courage for me.

Thank you for reading me ❤