Health Coach

As a Health Coach… what do I do?

I work 121 with clients, especially women. I use everything I know, both my studies and my experience. Having myself struggled with self esteem for a big portion of my life (especially working as a model) I learned a lot about image and being. If you too struggle at looking at yourself in the mirror; if you too have a difficulty addressing yourself beautiful words; if you too always put others first (especially men!); if you too spent years doing diets only to remain the same (if not with more weight); if you too don’t know who you are, nor who you should be; if you too can’t find beauty within nor without; … then you found the right woman to ask help to 🙂 I’m here for you! Contact me for a first chat, coffee or walk in the park (yes that depends on where you are, I am physically in London but hey you never know!!!).

What I also organise, and absolutely adore doing, is workshops!! The idea came to me after working in Romania with teens at the Gastronomic Summer Campus. I immediately knew that that is something I must do: give talks in schools about health and beauty and how the two are interconnected. Health&Beauty hold a deep meaning, it’s a conversation that must happen with the young generations: Health is inner health which then manifests as outer glow and beauty. Think… Everything begins with a healthy mind since the mind (our thoughts) shape our reality. How we think of ourselves, of the world, of others… is what we live and experience in the physical. Healthy food is about a healthy planet, the more we pollute our bodies (and yet again, our minds) we also pollute our beautiful Planet Earth, our home.
I gave a talk to a class of girls in my former school and it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love encouraging girls to go out chase their dreams! Because I have done it, I believe everyone can. Also, I like to speak about the reality of modelling and how it’s not as fabulous and luxurious as it appears to be. Years after that experience I re-imagined the talks I want to give and they revolve around Appearance and Being. If you are a teacher, a professor, or you’re a teenage student and would like to know more… please don’t hesitate to contact me.