Health Coach

As a Health Coach… what do I do?

I work 121 with clients, especially women. I use everything I know, both my studies and my experience. Having myself struggled with self esteem for a big portion of my life (especially working as a model) I learned a lot about Image and Being. If you too struggle at looking at yourself in the mirror; if you too have a difficulty addressing yourself beautiful words; if you too always put others first (especially men!); if you too spent years doing diets only to remain the same (if not with more weight); if you too don’t know who you are, nor who you want to be; if you too can’t find beauty within nor without; … then you found the right woman to ask help to đŸ™‚ I’m here for you! Contact me for a first chat, coffee or walk in the park (yes that depends on where you are, I am physically in London but hey you never know!!!).

Certified IIN Health Coach