Plastic X Coffee

This is a GRATITUDE campaign to thank all the people who collect plastic during their vacation and relaxing time. I am not alone! You are not alone! And there are many of us 🙂 For this reason I decided to sponsor 20 coffees at the local beach bar in exchange for plastic you collected.
How does it work? It’s easy! Collect a bag of plastic, take it to the bar who has the Plastic X Coffee sign and get a coffee in exchange for your kindness.
What happens when the 20 coffees end? You can buy 20 more and contribute to spread gratitude.

How did it start? When I saw a man collecting plastic bottles and bags and boxes I went up to him to thank him! Then I wondered how can I thank all the people who contribute to a cleaner world? I thought it would be a good idea to buy in advance 20 coffees for the kind souls who take time to clean up because they care.

If you are interested in knowing more and start this campaign there where you are… contact me and let me know!! Thank you 🙂




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