Giaveno Cannuccia Free

Me with Carlo Giacone, Mayor of Giaveno (Turin-Italy)

#GiavenoCannucciaFree is my new eco-campaign targeting plastic straws this time. Why Giaveno? And where is Giaveno? 

This is the town where I grew up, where I went to school, and where my parents still live. After I got back from South Italy where I launched “Plastic X Coffee”, I began to wonder how to replicate it on other beaches but I soon realised how difficult it is to try do something in a place you don’t know. How could I propose something in a place where I’ve never been? How can I know what is needed to be done there?… It was very arrogant and naive of me, in fact after a couple emails that I have sent to different places and never got a reply I took it as a sign. I decided to see what could I do here where I am now, with the time I’ve got.

No doubt plastic is the hot topic. So much is being said… yet, at least in Italy, too little is being done. But most importantly, this urgent matter is not yet treated as urgent!! Well, I chose to target plastic straws and imagined my town becoming the first town in Italy where all the owners of bar, pubs and restaurants choose free-willingly to give up plastic straws by January 2019. I could’ve done it alone but decided to call the Mayor, Carlo Giacone, for support. He liked the idea immediately! Also, wishing me good luck.

So how does this work? In theory it’s very simple: I got the list of all bars/pubs/restaurants of Giaveno (there are more or less 60 in total) and I go to talk with the owner of each place. I explain the ecological problems of plastic straws and at the same time propose sustainable alternatives. I even added, in the documents I’ve prepared, the Italian websites where to get those sustainable alternatives. The challenge is exactly that to convince the owners to choose planet over plastic. I believe that when choices are made consciously, something moves deeper and quicker (instead of when there is an imposition, such as a law that prohibits plastic straws, for example). It’s important to make a conscious choice: ones you know what problems these plastic straws cause… then you can choose, and if you do choose to keep on using them you take the responsibility of your choice. Meaning you choose to keep polluting. I believe change is not easy for anyone, yet everyone needs to do their own bit and also give up a little comfort.

I got inspired by the US movement #stopsucking launched by Lonely Whale ‘s founder Adrian Grenier. Although what really got my ass out there to do something concrete was a video I watched on youtube, where it was shown a huge turtle with a long plastic straw in her nose! It is unbearably painful to watch, I cannot imagine what the turtle must’ve felt!! Plus the fact that we use plastic straws for what… 10 minutes? And then they stay in the environment for 500 years!!!!

I want to see HOW can I convince people to opt for the alternative. I want to understand WHAT are the problems people have when asked to change. I want to understand HOW QUICKLY can change happen. I want to make understand HOW can this then be replicated in other town and cities. WHAT DO PEOPLE NEED IN ORDER FOR CHANGE TO OCCUR? And I begin with something apparently simple: a plastic straw.

On my blog I will discuss the progress and the problems I face..

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