Healing Art: Interview with Gabriele Nunziante

Life is really funny!¬†Gabriele¬†and I grew up in the same town in Italy (Giaveno) and although we knew each other (cuz I mean you can't not know someone when you live in a small town) our paths never crossed until last summer, by chance. We were, I believe, on somewhat parallel paths never to cross… Continue reading Healing Art: Interview with Gabriele Nunziante

Italian Shamanism: an introduction

I'm sure very few of you have heard about Italian Shamanism. I too until 2 years ago believed the Shamans only existed in the Amazon, in Mexico or in Siberia. That's because they are the ones who've been widely studied, recorded and written about. I have to admit that I rarely speak about these things… Continue reading Italian Shamanism: an introduction

Meet Nadav Malin

Nadav and I have been friends for 10 years now: we shared a house the first year at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, a number of gastronomic travels (a memorable one was to Bordeaux), a passion for food (he has always cooked divinely and I always loved eating) and wine (ah the evenings spent drinking… Continue reading Meet Nadav Malin