Shamans against the warlords

Personal foreword: I feel the need to translate and share with you all my dear readers this message I received from the Shaman and Italian Medicine Woman Michela Chiarelli. Whether you believe it or not this is truth and I do hope it gets to your hearts the way it stroke directly through mine. When Michela first… Continue reading Shamans against the warlords

Shamanism in Italy: yes or no?

I write this article because for a while on social media and on the internet the Italian Shamanic tradition is being analysed and I want to answer to those who assert with such vehemence that in Italy Shamanism and the figure of a Shaman of hereditary tradition, therefore I, do not exist because of the… Continue reading Shamanism in Italy: yes or no?

Cooking Peace

"I watched these three cooks -one Christian, one Muslim, and one Jew - working in perfect harmony in the kitchen where cooperation and communication are essential. It was very exciting. It suddenly popped into my mind that we should do something together on a sustained basis. I realised that since all people have to eat, including chefs, why not cook and eat… Continue reading Cooking Peace