Photographer Guido Stazzoni

Social media lately resembles more like a black garbage hole than an actual sharing platform.

Every time I enter my facebook profile I panic I will read of some catastrophe or how bad the news are about climate, how little time we have to save the planet (stop: trust me Mother Earth will take care of herself… like she always did! ALWAYS! We should really worry about ourselves. REALLY!), how fascist Italy is becoming again, etc. Sometimes I feel I live in some other parallel reality. Somewhere things are not that bad. Somewhere the Sun rises every morning to warm our bodies. Somewhere people are kind and gentle and smile back at you if you dare the first smile (I guarantee it works!!). Somewhere I see solutions to every problem. Somewhere …. somewhere exactly where you are too. Same world, different view.

I wish the world silenced for a week for all of us to “stop” and look around. Imagine not reading the news for a week. Imagine relying on your living perception of reality. Imagine nobody fed us with panic. Imagine we chose what to eat and what information to incorporate. WAIT … we can. In a world where corporations feed you with shit only to enrich themselves with your poor health, and journalists are paid to use catchy titles to drive your attention onto their page… you can choose to fast!


The antidote is not bigger darkness. It’s counterproductive to try win the bad being more bad. Don’t play with darkness or you risk to lose yourself in it 🙂 Instead shine! Bring your focus and your attention to all that you wish to grow: acts of human kindness, love, integrity, education, being, and so on. You must understand that the more you share all that is bad and wrong you enhance it and give it power. Drive away your attention from it! Which doesn’t mean to pretend as if it doesn’t exist, no it means to acknowledge reality and choose wisely and rationally what to focus your attention on.

Go ahead! 🌟

One thought on “SHINE!”

  1. You are spot on with this. I have realised that out of all the social media platforms only Instagram has some positivity left with people posting pictures of beautiful landscapes etc. Facebook is just like Fox News. Spreading stress and causing anxiety. The more you disconnect from it the more relaxed you feel!! When I was a kid I used to wonder wouldn’t it be awesome if I had the superpower to read people’s mind. Well after witnessing what’s really on people’s mind through facebook, I have realised its not a superpower but a curse!!!

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