A dose of Hope

There’s a common belief that says something like “because you can’t change your family, you’ll try change the world” or “it’s easier to save the world than your family”. Have you ever heard it? I think many of us who want to change or save the world believe it’s easier to change the world than your family LOL Some don’t even try, others become very intolerant with their family members when they don’t act the way they expect them to or don’t put the same care in something they believe in. It’s normal! ๐Ÿ™‚

A couple months ago I went to my brother Francesco for dinner. He told me that it’s unbelievable the amount of plastic he noticed they produce at home – he and his girlfriend Valentina. I told him that something he could do to reduce is get glass bottles and fill them up for free at the fountain. He wasn’t too happy but I think a seed was planted in him because yesterday he tagged me in his instagram story showing me he did choose to buy glass bottles in the end!!!! This touched me profoundly. Why? Because I didn’t expect it. I don’t expect my family to change following my beliefs, and I told myself I would never force anyone to change whether I’m doing a campaign or simply talking with someone about the world and plastic.

I plant seeds in those minds where they weren’t planted yet. I water those minds where there’s arid land because water hasn’t fallen for ages. Time will take care of the rest. You know every seed, hence every plant, needs its own time to germinate and then grow. Likewise ideas and thoughts and actions. Thoughts and dreams are seeds. They hold in itself everything, this is why they are sacred. Dreams come true when you cherish, nourish, protect and value them. Like seeds.ย 

I met too many people throughout the years who became vegan for example and are convinced to be holding the truth while that the rest of us meat-eaters are evil and killing our planet. It’s very hard to be around these kind of people because they judge every choice you make: you eat a cheese sandwich and you are labelled a calf-killer, you put honey in your tea and you are a bees-killer, etc. Acceptance is the key. Accept where the other is at. Especially because you were once there too. Be you, act according to your beliefs and explain them to the people around you but then leave people decide for themselves.

And coming back to my brother… I’m very proud. “Be the change you want to see in the world” and I guarantee you will start to see it!!! This gives me hope! This should give you hope too ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t stop.

Don’t give up!

Keep going.


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