The Beginning of Plastic X Coffee

Where to begin if not with a WOW 😀
I am still amazed and lack words to describe this past week. It’s been beautiful and powerful and it made me realise how something apparently so small has a big impact and big echo. As a matter of fact, we got National TV coverage!!!! Which helped spread the word about the importance of keeping clean our marine world, this campaign is just one example of many projects around the world.

Plastic X Coffee is a community project with a potential to become world spread. I’ve got flooded with messages and texts of people living in the area of the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto telling me they always collect plastic during their walks. Also, people from other sides of the world told me they do clean up always and would love to find ways to raise awareness among other members of the community.

A sense of community is what is needed nowadays. We must understand how important is the space where we live: many communities taking care of their peace of land succeed in having a whole world clean and happy.
I have always dreamt to save the world and I have always wanted to come up with an idea for the entire world. Now I know, that in order to change the world we all must start cleaning our homes. For me Torre Guaceto is home ❤  And if you also do something in your home, for your area; if each one of us takes this responsibility back, then the world will change! I guarantee the world will be saved! The Natives knew this… Each Native Tribe took care of its forests, waters, lands, animals, people… and the whole world was a healthy place!

No matter what some people say, change is possible and begins here (where you are) and now!

Gratitude is such a powerful energy. Now I know. Plastic X Coffee is about that. Is a Thank You for helping everyone keep our/your local area clean. And everyone can do what he/she can. What I mean is: you can be the person collecting a bag of plastic and getting the coffee, or you can be the one buying the coffees without necessarily collecting the plastic (because we are all different, and you might just wanna relax on the beach and tan… still you feel grateful to those who keep that beach clean), or you can be both. Everyone is needed, everyone is necessary. I say this because some may feel obliged to spend money or collecting, though the best for everyone is that you do what comes from your heart ❤ On Sunday morning, when I got to the bar of the Reserve a coffee producer, Antonio Doria (Caffè Borbone), gifted 1kg of coffee (that makes 130 coffees!!!) because he believes in the campaign and is very sensitive to the ecological issues of the Natural Reserve. Later came my brother Francesco and bought 20 more coffees!! I know he is not the kind who will go collect plastic on purpose, but he is the guy who won’t leave his trash behind and will collect something nearby if he sees it. That is more than enough 🙂


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