Beauty & The Beast: Is there a link with the NPD?

Lately I have been absent from the web, and from everything. Struggling with my own personal life, thought to be healed and instead kept falling down over and over again... wondering how after one year of working hard on myself I still find myself crying for someone I can only describe as a narcissistic asshole.… Continue reading Beauty & The Beast: Is there a link with the NPD?

Fortnight – lingerie and swim for ALL women

Short interview to Christina Remenyi, founder of Canadian brand Fortnight Lingerie. What made you start a lingerie and swimwear line?  Lingerie came first and swimwear felt like a natural progression. It was really driven by a frustration with the market at the time, that was dominated by big box brands who only offered a very… Continue reading Fortnight – lingerie and swim for ALL women

Sustainable Tourism in Transylvania

Ten years after my first visit to Transylvania I have been invited by my friend Marta Pozsonyi as a speaker at the first conference ever organised on Sustainable Tourism in Transylvania, which took place at the University of Cluj. Marta is a pioneer in this sense because 10 years ago she organised the first gastronomic… Continue reading Sustainable Tourism in Transylvania